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 We take the shop-hopping out of ‘shopping’ for medicines!! With low pricing, easy searches andone click ordering, we deliver your medicines along with huge direct savings, right at your doorstep.

Our portal is a benchmark in innovative professional pharmacy services, providing generic and OTC products affordably. Manufactured under quality control standards laid down by the most stringent agencies in the world, our drugs are FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) approved.

What Are We Doing?

We play a vital role in our consumer’s healthcare by providing safe, effective and proven alternatives to expensive branded medicines. We deliver OTC and generic medicines globally for personal use in a convenient and extremely cost effective way saving you time and money. Our drug portal stands out by keeping up with the use of all the significant advancements in mobile and web-based-access technology to add to the customer convenience and experience.  

Best Quality Drugs:

 Our large range of generic drugs helps keep the medical bills significantly low for consumers. Generic drugs are lower costing versions of their branded sister formulations, with the same active ingredients, manufacturing standards, safety, and efficacy.Our medicines are sourced from the best manufacturing companies known for ethical, safe and hygienic manufacturing practices


Money Savings and Safety

This drug portal provides a wide choice of affordable medications for various ailments.Our website design is enhanced for a great customer experience, where a customer can order, query or review via email, phone call or live chat with our 24X7 Customer Care Department.


Home Delivery Guaranty:


Our home delivery service employs the best carriers that guarantee on-time and safe deliveries. The consignments are boxed/packed for utmost safety and privacy and if a delivery is late, misplaced or damaged, a timely replacement or full refund is guaranteed.


This online pharmacy delivers top value and convenience for pharmacy products like daily use medicines, drugs for personal care, anti-cancer drugs, sexual health formulations, birth control, anti-smoking and anti-alcohol drugs, weight loss medication, antibiotics, skin care, health supplements and many others. Our user-friendly website, flawless order-to-delivery process, round-the-clock customer support and our online drug/health information (relevant and updated blogs) make it the best place to turn to when you need a medicine.


Our Objective:


We aim to serve the best of the healthcare products to our customers at prices that add a hefty amount to their annual savings and we emphasize easy availability of all drugs for our valued customers. Our constant focus on the customer’s right to privacy and confidentiality while ordering for medicines is one of the things that set us apart in this cut-throat industry.


This online pharmacy specializes in providing generic drugs to treat various maladies and other medicines that improve the health and well being of the entire family, all delivered quickly and affordably to you with a single click.Generic medicines are similar to the branded drugs in every way except for the names. In terms of quality and manufacturing processes, they have to adhere to the same stringency and policies as any of the branded formulations. Our partnering with trusted and known suppliers/manufacturers of Generic drugs has helped us to provide the best of the formulations at the lowest of the prices without any compromise in the quality of the drug norms. All our drugs are USFDA approved and are accepted and prescribed by doctors worldwide.  Our drug categories, already well stocked and ready-to-ship at all times, are being constantly monitored and updated to keep up with the best of the industry standards.