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Flaunt The Beauty Of Your Eyes With Careprost Eye Drop!!

I remember, it was the first day of Romeo-Juliet drama rehearsal of my daughter studying in Twelfth standard. I simply went to drop her at the School, there strike a thought in my mind that I should see the rehearsals of the same and is really satisfied with my decision of doing so. When I was sitting in the spectators area of the auditorium. There came a moment in the act, where Romeo has to appreciate the beauty of Juliet. The boy started appreciating the beauty of my daughter, starting with the face, then hairs, when came the turn of eyes.

Everybody in the hall started smiling even the boy and the Choreographer too. As my girl lack hairs in her eye lashes and the one present, were not so thick and long enough to provide attractive look to eyes. At that span of time, I realized that may be this the very reason why my daughter don't feel confident enough of her personality. Even though she is so beautiful and smart. I seek out many options regarding the same and then comes up the Careprost Eye drops. This is a commendable therapy to cure eye hypotrichosis. It functions by improving the length, density and color of eyelashes.

What is the Mechanism of Action of Careprost Eye Drops?

Careprost eye drops are combination solution of Generic Bimatoprost active Ingredients. It works by decreasing the pressure within an eye by enhancing the flow of fluids out of eye. It is also very effective in treating the ocular hypertension and Glaucoma.

What is the Doses of Careprost Eye Drops?

Careprost Eye Drops

Firstly wash your eyes with purified water and take a drop of Careprost on the applicator brush. It is said to be used only single time a day, at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Then apply the same on the upper eye lid by stretching a line along the edge. Keep your eyes closed for the duration of 1 to 5 minutes to achieve the maximum possible effect. The effect of the medicine can be clearly seen within 7-8 weeks but the total therapy duration is of 16 weeks.

Precautions To Be Taken With Careprost Eye Drops

Following precautions need to be kept in mind while using Careprost eye drop:

  • Always instill the dose after removing contact lenses.
  • If you are having any sort of problem in your eyes like swelling or any other fungal infection must avoid the medicine.
  • Do not use two concurrent eye drops at the same time or else may results in side effect.
  • Always use the brush after washing with clean water to prevent eye infection.
  • Do not touch the applicator brush tip without washing your hands.
  • It is not advised for pregnant and lactating mothers as may cause hypertrichosis in the child.

From Where To Buy Careprost Eye Drops?

Buy Careprost and Careprost Plus eye drops online from our web portal and avail the beautiful long, thick and darker eyelashes. Faster delivery is also a option available.

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