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Careprost helps to intensify your eyes appearance with enlarged eyelashes

When you are all set to step for a party or any special occasion but are somewhat deficient because of small eyelashes, then it gives the feeling of incompleteness. Fake eyelashes and mascara are temporary solutions, but how to feel if you have naturally long and darker eyelashes. Yes! That is possible with the help of Careprost eye drop.

Careprost eye drop is an accidental emergence for the growth of eyelashes when the Careprost initially used as a treatment for glaucoma condition. Later, FDA has approved Careprost for the use as an eyelash enhancer to grow your short eyelashes bigger, darker, and feathery. The condition of short, deficient, and inadequate eyelashes is commonly referred as hypotrichosis of eyelashes. Thus, Careprost is helpful in treating this condition be elongating the anagen phase and declining the telogen phase. Careprost is a renowned brand of Generic Bimatoprost, which is believed to be a prostaglandin analog.

Dosing of Careprost eye drop:

Careprost is an ophthalmic solution that needs to be applied externally as topically when used for growing eyelashes. Only once a day preferably during the nighttime is suggested for the application. Since it is a solution, so a user has to take a drop of solution on the tip of a clean and dry eyeliner brush or an applicator provided. After that, you have to draw a line of that solution with the brush at the margin of the upper eyelid, initiating from the inner part to the outer part of the lash line. Blot the extra solution with a tissue paper.

Before using Careprost for eyelashes, make sure your face and eyes are clean and free of makeup. Contact lens users are advised to remove them prior to the use of eye drop. You do not have to rinse your eyes if the solution gets into your eyes. You will attain maximum result after a continuous use for 12-16 weeks with noticeable outcomes within 8 weeks of application.

Never use the Careprost eye drop in an excess amount with an intention to grow your eyelashes faster. There is no need to apply the solution on the lower eyelid. Never use or apply the Careprost to any unintended surface or it will lead to growing unwanted hair.  With the use of Careprost eye drop, a user may notice some reported side effects of redness, itching, irritation, increased photosensitivity, visual change, iris darkening, drowsiness, headache, or pigmentation around the eye area.

Some contradictory situations with the use of Careprost eye drop:

  • Careprost eye drop must not be used if you undergo hypersensitivity because of Bimatoprost or any other ingredient of Careprost eye drop.
  • Careprost is unsafe to be used in children.
  • You are unadvised for the use of Careprost if you are pregnant, planning to conceive or breastfeed.
  • Make sure you do not have any other eye condition, liver, kidney or respiratory disorder while using Careprost.

Special precautions that need to be followed by using Careprost eye drop:

  • Make sure you avoid the contact of bottle tip to any surface so that the solution would not contaminate.
  • If any other ophthalmic preparation is also needed to be used, then keep a time difference of 10-15 minutes between their uses.
  • After application of Careprost eye drop, if you are required to reinsert your contact lenses, then you can do so after 10 minutes.
  • Avoid any activity that demands alertness because your vision may alter after the use.

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