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Careprost is a stupendous remedy for healthier eyelashes

Hi folks

If any of you are suffering from hypotrichosis disorder like me then you must know about the American FDA approved product Careprost which contains Bimatoprost 0.03% as an active medicament which is helpful to get long, thicker and darker eyelashes.    


Careprost is a stupendous medication for the treatment of hypotrichosis. Whoever doesn't wish for healthy eyelashes?  Eyes are the center of attraction of your face. Females are much fussy about their beauty. And the beauty of the face complete with healthy eyelashes.

Therefore, after a lot study about Careprost, I have resolute to go ahead and try it myself. Before using Careprost I spend a big amount of time and money trying all the latest procedures and verities of expensive professional products but I found no positive results from any of those methods. So I am writing this blog so that others are suffering from the same disorder might get the profit of my experience exclusive of doing much research. I hope you this blog is informative for you and I would love to hear from you and come back with your questions if you guys have any doubts.

Let me explain you about the accurate application of Careprost     

You have to use this once in a day at night time. Before applying Careprost You must clean all the makeup from your eyes. Then take the eyeliner and drop some drop of Careprost on it and paint a thin line along my eyelashes. After applying this medicament if there is any excess liquid then remove it with the help of cotton. Careprost should never be applied on the lower eyelid. With regular use of Careprost, the positive result will be seen in 2 months. If you missed the dose apply it as soon as possible if you are already near to the time of next dose then skip the dose and continue to your regular dosage schedule.

Bimatoprost is an active pharmaceutical of Careprost eye drops. Careprost connects as prostamide to the identical receptor present in the eyes to amplify the flow of aqueous humor from the eye and decreased the risk of hypotrichosis and balance the pressure of fluid.

There are some medical conditions under which Careprost should not be used:

  • Never apply this medication if you are having a hypersensitive reaction with the generic drug Bimatoprost and other inactive ingredients if the drug. 
  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers should never use Careprost.
  • If you are suffering from any renal and hepatic disorder than do not use Careprost.
  • If you are using other herbal and non-prescription medication then doesn't use this medication.

Adverse effects you may face;

It is very common for patients who are using Careprost to face certain side effects such as annoyance in eyes, unclear vision and unnecessary hair growth of eyelids.


Important points to be kept in mind while on treatment with Careprost;

  • Careprost may cause unwanted hair growth in the areas touched by it so keep attention while applying.
  • In the case of having any eye surgery use Careprost only after doctor confirmation.
  • Always protect your eyes with sunglasses while going out to protect your eyes from direct sunlight.
  • Always use the fresh applicator to apply the medicament.
  • For best results use regularly for 14-16 weeks without any gap