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Hucog 5000IU Injection: Prepare Yourself For The Good News

Every time thinking that this time you will experience good news after checking the pregnancy test but the same realization of last time makes you depressed with bad news of not conceiving. You desire to have your baby from last one year even after unprotected intercourse but still you are unable to do so and thinking that you are only responsible for this. That is not so. Never think that you are only accountable for such an act that involves two persons in making a baby. Both are equally responsible for that and so that you both should go for medical examination to check, where the gap is.

For filling that gap, you are required to take the help of Hucog therapy that is effective and useful for both the partners.

HUCOG 5000IU HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) Injection is a polypeptide hormone, which exists in the urine of pregnant women with an early stage of pregnancy.  HCG is accountable to improve the maturation and release of eggs from female ovaries that further contribute to fertility. In men with a low level of sperm count, HCG is useful to augment the sperm count and in young boys, it helps to treat the condition of undescended testicles into the scrotum. Therefore, HCG is a boon for fertility maintenance. When its level is inappropriate that lead to underlying conditions, then synthetic formulations are given for the treatment. Hucog is one such wonderful medication of synthetically prepared HCG for the treatment of infertility. Hucog is safe for every desired individual but still some people are conflicting for its use such as-

  • Those who are below the age of 18 years
  • Persons with hypersensitivity issue to any component of Hucog drug
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Medical circumstances related to epilepsy, kidney, asthma, ovarian cyst, abnormal vaginal bleeding, precocious puberty, or a migraine.
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Dosing Information of HUCOG Injection

Hucog comes in injection form and the preferred routes are IM (Intramuscular) or SC (Subcutaneous) depending on the treatment and the condition of the patient. Generally, advised dose of Hucog can be-

  • In Women for the induction of ovulation process, Hucog 5000 - 10000 IU is given followed with Menotropins.
  • In Men, the dosing can be Hucog injections for twice or thrice a week for several weeks or month time, depending on the condition treated.

Hucog 10000IU is an infertility treatment medication used by women, men and boys for different conditions. While a patient is relying on Hucog therapy, he or she may encounter with some side effects of Hucog drug that comprises of nausea, acne, breast tenderness, constipation, swelling or pain at the site of injection, headache, fatigue, nervousness, gynecomastia, or depression. Therefore, some safety precautions must also be considered when taking Hucog treatment such as women should take care of the chances of multiple pregnancies that happen because of overstimulation of ovaries and it can be risky for both mother and the babies. Preventive steps are also needed in the case of young boy's treatment for the signs and symptoms of early puberty when they are treated for undescended testicles. The temperature at 2-80C is the accurate storage condition for storing injections and preventing then deterioration.

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