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If you love having long eyelashes you definitely need to try Careprost Latisse

Eyes are very important part of our body to introduce us to this world. When we make an eye contact with other peoples that time our eyes communicate in the way that our words cannot. The role of eyelashes is often a meter of the beauty of eyes, especially in women. Eyelashes perform several functions such as to keep dust and moisture from sweat or rain away from entering into your eyes. Like the hairs of your head, the eyelashes hairs also get falls from time to time naturally. You might have noticed some people who suppose that eyelashes have unique powers to award wishes and if any eyelashes fall out they just grab it with their finger and make some wishes and blow it away. Female put lots of efforts to make their eyelashes look thick and beautiful with the help of various makeup tools. But, dear folks now there is no need to put any hard and artificial efforts to get temporary eyelashes. Careprost Latisse is made to make your wish true to get you thick and long eyelashes.


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Bimatoprost is present as an active medicament of Careprost eye drops. It acts by attaching as prostamide to the same receptors that present in the eyes to increase the flow of aqueous humor from the eye and after the pressure of fluid get balanced the risk of hypotrichosis get lessen.

Careprost eye drops id recommended to be used only once in a day (only during the night).  Before applying you must clean all the makeup from your eyes. Then take the eyeliner brush and put a drop of Careprost on it then carefully draw a line with eyeliner along your upper eyelid and remove the excess liquid the help of cotton. Note that the Careprost should not be applied on the lower eyelid. it shows positive results in two months of regular application. 

Careprost carries some medical conditions which are not suitable to use this medication such as hypersensitivity towards the generic Bimatoprost and other inactive components of the drug, pregnancy and lactating mothers, renal, hepatic and cardiac disorders.


A person who is on the Careprost treatment might face certain side effects such as Blurring of vision, excessive growth of eyelids, unwanted hair growth on eyelids, irritation in eyes.


Individual has to be very careful while using Careprost as it can cause hair growth in areas touched by it keeps away from contamination, in case of eye allergy or eye surgery, always use the fresh applicator, and use sunglasses when you get exposed to the outer environment, should be applied for 14-16 weeks without any gap.

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