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Sibutril 15mg: Most Effective Slimming Tablets For Obese Patients

Attaining that slim figure after gaining so much weight is not an easy task to perform. An obese patient not only affects his or her body but also make their body prone to many disorders. Losing excess kilos is not so much easy especially when you are going to prepare for a special occasion within few weeks just before your marriage. Marriage is that transformation from unmarried to married life that brings a happening change in your life as expected. You started reducing your food intake and a few exercises, but food craving does not stop you lose your extra weight. Then you can try the most renowned and the successful medication called Sibutril for an effective treatment of your obesity and reduces weight. Make everyone fan of your slimming shape on your wedding in your appealing dress.

Sibutril 15mg tablet is most effective slimming tablets performing different task in order to reduce your obesity such as diminution the habit of binge eating, fat burning, diminishing of food proportion, and cutting down the food intake frequency. Thus, Sibutril is helpful in treating the obesity condition, which arises because of the high level of cholesterol and leads to high blood pressure, and diabetes. It will help to reduce those extra kilos.  

Sibutramine is the functional component of Sibutril medication. The main function of Sibutril (Sibutramine) drug is to act on the reuptake inhibition of norepinephrine and serotonin with dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain so that they have increased level in the hypothalamus in order to control the anxiety and hunger.  Consequently, you will reduce your extra fat and maintain the normal level.

Sibutril 15mg Tablets

Dosing schedule of Sibutril Tablets

Sibutril 15mg is the most accountable strength available in the market.  An adult obese person, daily in the morning, can initiate onset with Sibutril 10mg dose. The dose can be increased further to 15mg if needed depending on the treatment response. The maximum limit of Sibutril drug is 15mg dose in a day. You can take Sibutril drug with food but do not combine the drug with high-fat meals. You will notice a complete change in your body fat level with the continuous use for the prescribed duration and dose.

Some negative effects of the Sibutril drug can include constipation, dry mouth, dizziness, emotional liability, and change in menstrual cycle, or oversensitivity.

Precautions to be followed While taking Sibutril Tablet

Though, Sibutril is a safe medication, but still, must be avoided and should not be consumed by some people such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under 16 years of age, elder of above than 65 years of age and hypersensitive people to any ingredient of Sibutril drug.

Therefore, you should not take Sibutril drug if you have any of the underlying cause. Patients on MAO inhibitor medications or any other drug for weight loss are advised not to take Sibutril. Before initiating the Sibutril medication, do check your medical conditions related to the heart, kidney, liver, seizures, gallstones, or bleeding disorders.

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