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Buy Latanoprost Eye Drops 0.005% | Cheap Price

Buy Latanoprost Eye Drops 0.005% | Cheap Price

Generic Latanoprost Eye Drops 0.005% (2.5ml)

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Glaucoma can lead to a loss of vision, if it is not treated, as with the development medical science Latanoprost eye drops proved to be more efficient in reducing the intraocular eye pressure in people with ocular hypertension, and to prevent further damage of optic nerve present in the eye with open-angle glaucoma.

Mechanism of action of Latanoprost eye drops:

Latanoprost belongs to prostaglandin class of medicine. It reduces the intraocular pressure within the eyes by decreasing the synthesis of aqueous humor (a fluid used to maintain intraocular pressure) and increasing the outflow of aqueous humor from the eyes. Thus, it prevents the optic nerve from getting damage.

Under what medical conditions the use of Latanoprost eye drops is contraindicated?

  • If you have allergic reactions to Latanoprost drop or other ingredients then avoid using this eye drop.
  • If you have herpes infections of the eye then don't use this medicine.

How should Latanoprost eye drop be used?

First, wash your hand and open the container of eye drop. Then you tilt your head back and pull your lower eyelid to make a pouch. After that, you have to instill one drop of this medicine in the affected eye and close your eyes for at least 2 to 4 minutes.

What are the side effects of Latanoprost eye drop?

Use of Latanoprost eye drop may cause some undesired effects such as Redness, pain, swelling and itching around the eyes, discharge from eyes and vision changes, itching in eyelids, blurred vision, conjunctivitis, dry eye,  irritation in the eyes and exacerbation of asthma.

Precautionary steps:

  • Your vision may get blurred for a short duration, so don't drive a vehicle or operate any machinery while using Latanoprost.
  • You have to remove your contact lenses before using this eye drop.
  • You have to wait for 15 minutes before instilling contact lenses after using this medicine.
  • If you feel continuous irritation in the eye or have redness around the eye then discontinue this medicine and seek an immediate medical help.

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