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Filagra Professional 100MG

Filagra Professional 100MG

Sildenafil sublingual sildenafil professional

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What is Filagra-professional? What is it meant for?

Filagra Professional is an impending method intended for curing male impotence.

The tablet is served in a tablet formulation with sublingual dosing to enhance the patient compliance increased the action of the drug. The drug is kept below the tongue, and it gives response by increasing the blood supply to the male genital and one achieves a firm erection.

How does the drug act in the ailment?

The tablet needs to be kept below the tongue; it then gets into the blood streams. The drug works by improving blood flow to the required region. Filagra Professional thus it overcomes erectile disabilities in male folks.

Who cannot use Filagra professional?

  • Female and male aging below 18 years of age is not the appropriate candidate for this drug.
  • Patient having cardiac arrhythmia or blood vessel blockage should not use the drug.
  • Patient with deformed genital should not use the drug

Along which drug is should not be used?

  • Any kind of nitrate drug should not be used along Filagra.
  • Protease inhibitors and antifungal drugs should not be used along this medication.

What is the safe storing condition for Filagra-professional?

Keep the tablet in the shady and cool atmosphere; avoid exposure from heat and direct sunlight.

What is proper regimen dose for Filagra Professional?

Filagra Professional should be taken under the tongue, which melts under the tongue. The 100mg tablet dissolves in the mouth and starts showing its action in 30 minutes and its results for about 4-6 hours. So, take the tablet 30 minutes before.

What are the unwanted effects that can be seen after having Filagra-professional?

You may feel facial flushing, nausea, and gastric disturbance.

What are the things to be taken cared of while having Filagra-professional?

  • You should not take any form of the aphrodisiac drug along this medication.
  • The drug should not be taken along grape juice and fruits even avoid fatty oily diet as the results of the drug may decrease.
  • Never take more than a single tablet in a day.


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