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Our Privacy Policy for online purchase of medicines

We respect individual’s privacy and his or her right to keep health and related information protected. This is why our privacy policy is designed in such a manner to give top priority to the privacy of customers of the website. Indeed, you are sharing personal health information at our platform and also making payments to work out your orders. We can’t work without both of these and therefore we pledge to keep your information confidential. You can feel relaxed while shopping or visiting on this site as the site is equipped with avant-garde technology to safeguard your information. We have no malicious intentions to share or use your personal information for the purpose of marketing any product or sell the information you have entrusted to us.

Our current privacy policy and practices will clear all your doubts.

Privacy of information

We are working ethically and practicing strict policies and procedures for keeping the information of site visitors and customers completely safe in our systems. There is no access point for outsiders for using the information for any purpose and the information will only be used by our employees for working out your order.

Our customer support desk may record some of your sessions for the sole purpose of improving customers experience while shopping with us. However, these recordings won’t include any personal data.

Use of information

We may use your personal information to offer you best price deals and discounts on our website. In such case, your name, address, contact number and medical conditions for the prescription may be used. You can be contacted via telephone by our customer support executives or you may get in touch with email conversations.

Complete safety for medical information

Usdrugsmart is committed to protect the privacy of clients and therefore we will not sell, rent or share any part of your health-related information at any source. The use medical information can only be done in areas permitted by law and for those cases where the customer has specifically requested for the transaction.

Special conditions for disclosing information

We respect the value of confidentiality of personal information commended by our customers. In infrequent conditions following the authorization of customer, we may disclose the information to third parties. These may be the conditions when the information is claimed by the law-abiding authorities, regulatory authorities, purpose, and use of administrators, auditors, or consultants.

 With our high-end technology protected platform Usdrugsmart, you can completely relax while shopping. No need to get worried about the compromise of any part of your personal information. So, start shopping for your prescriptions with ease.   

If any part of the information provided here in our privacy policy is not understandable, feel free to reach to our customer support staff to get answers to all your doubts. We are available 24x7 on the various medium of communication. Call or email or chat with us now.