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Payment Method

You can pay for your purchases on our site through e-cheques (for US customers), money transfers (Western Union), account transfers .

We use third-party payment processing services to process all  payment transactions and to process any other relevant payment gateways. These payment intermediaries are all compliant with the global banking security norms, which have the most stringent standards that ensure that all customers’ data is stored, processed and transmitted securely by using the industry standard encryption technology.


How To Place An Order


Welcome to our drug portal, where placing an order for your medicines has been made as simple as possible with two easy methods to choose from:


Order online


This is the quickest way to get your order processed and the delivery time is also quicker. We promise all our customers complete confidentiality and guarantee them a safe and secure shopping experience so that they are protected when they order online.


To order online follow these simple steps:


  1. Find your required medicine by searching for it in our online database. Read up about the options, if you need to know more about them, from our information blogs and descriptions.

  2. Add drugs/medications of required dosage to your shopping cart till your list is complete.

  3. As a new customer fill in your details in a registration form. A repeat customer can just proceed to checkout.

  4. Complete the payment procedure with the chosen mode of online payment.

  5. Your order is placed.




  Note: A new account will be created when you order for the first time.

 Email and Order


Email our customer service Team, all days of the week, and place your drug orders. We guarantee prompt delivery.