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How are you different from a local pharmacy?

Our expanded warehousing and supplier network has given us a huge advantage in terms of an exhaustive and ready to ship inventory, which can be a challenge for any local pharmacy. We offer a choice inventory of branded as well as generic medicines to order from, thus giving the added benefit of amazing cost saving each time. Like any local pharmacy, we too deliver your order home, but with the added convenience of our website which gives you updated information on all the drugs/products to make your choice easy, money saving and a hassle-free medicine –buying experience.

What are generic medicines?

Generic medicines are similar to their branded versions in every way other than name. They have the same quality, active ingredients, manufacturing standards, FDA approvals, dosage forms, uses and efficacy; it’s just that these generics are manufactured by companies other than the parent companies, once their patent periods have ended.

Who can tell me more about the relevant Generic drugs?

Your doctor, health care provider or medical advisor is the best source for information on the relevant generic medicines. More information can be sought online too.

Are Generic medicines available easily?

All generic medicines can be purchased from our portal by placing an online order at <portal address>

Do you deliver orders anywhere?

Yes we do deliver orders worldwide. Please contact us to see if a carrier is available to deliver to you.

How can an order be placed on your portal?

Please go through our website and place an order for the required products with a click or via an email to <email address>. An order can also be placed with a toll-free call to our Customer Care Executives anytime at < toll free number>.

What are the allowed payment modes?

You can pay for your purchases online through e-cheques, bank transfers or card payments.

How long does an order delivery take?

An order takes about 7- 10 days to be delivered after the payment confirmation is received.

Do I need to have a doctor’s prescription to be able to place an order?

A doctor’s prescription is mandatory for all orders of controlled/addictive drugs, but it is not required for drugs of normal use. As a safety measure though, it’s always good to buy drugs with a doctor’s prescription. When required, a prescription can be faxed or e-mailed to us.

Can I get an update regarding status of my shipment anytime?

The shipping department assigns a tracking number to every packed and ready-to-be-shipped order. Once the order moves out, our customer support team can be contacted anytime for complete information about the delivery status of your order.

What do if I do not get my parcel?

Misplaced orders are reshipped immediately without any fee being charged but only if they are not due to any mailing address misinformation from the customer. 

Do you replace a damaged or broken parcel?

Just send us an image of the damaged product in the state that you received it and your order will be reshipped to you free of cost.

What if my order reaches in my absence?

A smaller package will be dropped in your mail box. For a larger sized package, you will be notified to collect it from your local delivery agency.

Are there any customs related issues that I might have face with ordering medicines online?

Unless your country/state has a ban on certain drugs, there are no customs clearance issues for drugs purchased online. You can contact our customer care centre for clarifications anytime.

Can I cancel an order placed? 

Yes, you can contact our customer care team through e-mail, online chat or toll free number and cancel your order only within the first 24 hours of its placement. No cancellation requests are entertained after that window of the first 24 hours.

How do you guarantee the quality of the medicines available on your drug portal?

 We partner with the some of the best pharmaceutical companies in the world, whose medicines are universally approved by global regulatory authorities. Our orders are handled by a highly competent and qualified packing and shipping staff to ensure the best quality throughout.

Is your customer care contactable anytime?

Yes, we have round the clock customer care for our customers. You can contact us 24X7 all the days of the week.