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STAD 14000 - Lidocaine Spray

STAD 14000 - Lidocaine Spray

Stad 14000 - Lignocaine

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Brief overview of Stad 14000-

Stad 14000 in spray preparation with Generic Lignocaine is an effective treatment of premature ejaculation in men. It is applied topically to the tip and shaft of male genitals to aid in painful intercourse. It is a local acting drug, so wherever applied will desensitize the local area and helps in increasing the time duration of intercourse with required time ejaculation.

How Stad 14000 shows its action?

Lignocaine is the active moiety of Stad 14000 spray formulation. Lignocaine stabilizes the neuronal membrane to provide a local anesthetic effect by preventing the conduction of nerve impulses. 

What are the contra-indicatory conditions with Stad 14000?

  • Individual should not use Stad 14000 in the condition of oversensitivity towards any component of the drug.
  • Heart attack or stroke conditions
  • Medical condition of painful erection, muscle weakness, and epilepsy
  • Contraindicated in males under 18 years of age

What are the drug interactions of Stad 14000?

Some medications that are interactive with Stad 14000 spray include Phenelzine, Isocarboxazid, Amitriptyline, Butyrophenones, Phenothiazines, Noradrenaline, or Phenylephrine.

How can you take Stad 14000?

Stad 14000 is available in the form of a spray and the suggested dose is 3-4 sprays 15-30 minutes before sexual activity in order to attain therapeutic response followed by proper rubbing. Before application, shake the spray bottle. The maximum advised application is 10 sprays. Avoid the use in excess to prevent serious side effects.

What are the undesirable responses of Stad 14000?

Few short-living side effects include burning and swelling of the skin, painful or difficult urination, blurred vision, and inflammation of membrane. Every man is different and so it is not necessary that every patient will have to suffer from these.

What are the considerable measures with Stad 14000 intake?

  • Take precaution in liver, kidney, and heart ailment.
  • It is meant only for topical use on specified areas only or it may cause irritation on another surface.
  • Take your meal before application and prevent the contact of eyes, nose, and mouth with the drug.


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